Building Contractor in Arnold | The Benefits of Energy-Efficient House Extensions

Are you interested in house extensions? Wondering whether to invest in energy-saving measures such as triple-glazing or high-end insulation? On this page, our building contractors will outline the real benefits of making environmentally friendly choices for your next home improvement project. Based in Hucknall, EW Construction covers Arnold and the surrounding areas with a range of services, from garage conversions and house renovations to custom steel beam installations.

The points we will be discussing on this page are:

  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Comfortable Ambient Temperature

  • Improved Value

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Lower Energy Costs

Are you concerned by the amount you spend on keeping your home warm in the winter? One of the best ways to keep costs down is to invest in insulation and other energy-efficient measures. Poorly insulated homes lose a staggering amount of heat through the roof, the walls and the windows; it can feel like trying to stay warm is a losing battle. With one of our house extensions, you can expect a more efficient build that keeps heating costs down.

The same is true of our other projects, from garage conversions to house renovations. Contact one of our building contractors today to find out more about our steel beam installations and the other services we offer in the Arnold area.

Comfortable Ambient Temperature

The purpose of insulation is to slow the rate of thermal transference, meaning that it takes longer for your indoor space to reach the same temperature as the outdoors, and vice versa. This has the dual effect of maintaining a more pleasant ambient temperature during the summer and the winter. During the winter, your heating will have a longer lasting effect, and during the summer your home will remain cooler for longer.

Improved Value

Finally, by investing in energy efficient measures for your new house extension, you can expect your home’s value to appreciate. A well-insulated home is very attractive to potential buyers, as it saves them the cost of either paying high energy bills or having to invest in remedial work to bring the property up to the correct standards.

Our building contractors ensure that all our projects in the Arnold area are as energy efficient as possible. To hear more about our house renovations, house extensions, garage conversions and steel beam installations, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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