Extensions and House Renovations in Hucknall and the Surrounding Areas | How to Stay on Budget During Building Works at Your Home or Premises

Having any form of building works carried out at your home can be exciting. Afterall, you’re changing the environment, creating new areas in which to improve your living conditions and lifestyle. With so many design solutions and innovative ideas online and in print media, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with plans and spend far too much money. So how can you reign in the excitement and stay on budget?

As professional building contractors active in Hucknall and the surrounding areas, we’ve seen it all. Our team at EW Construction (Midlands) Ltd has worked with many residential clients who have previously found themselves swamped whilst having house renovations, house extensions, garage conversions and steel beam installations carried out at their homes.

Luckily we’re on hand to offer advice about staying on target. And, one thing’s for certain, when you present us with a budget for procurement and building works, we stick to it.

Talk to the Right People

Don’t take online advice or friends’ suggestions as fact. Talk to us directly. With over five decades of combined experience between us, we’re well used to budgets and building costs. We can help you spend the most of your money on what’s important, such as top-quality construction materials.

Ask the Right Questions

Plans. Products. Permissions. Know what you’re paying for. Will the final result be exactly like the plans you’ve had drawn up? Or the vision you have in your mind? Have you communicated this clearly enough? Are you happy with the materials chosen? Would you prefer a different brand or products which are more environmentally friendly?

For house extensions, house renovations or garage conversions in Hucknall which don’t fall under permitted development, make sure all the correct planning applications have been completed. Any professional building contractor will be able to advise you on this and assist if needs be, liaising with the local authority departments on your behalf if preferred.

And if you don’t understand why steel beam installations are so important, make sure you find out. Don’t be left in the dark by contractors who aren’t willing to communicate appropriately. This is your property – your home – and you are perfectly entitled to question procedures.

Make the Right Decisions

Our team at EW Construction are more than happy to offer advice about budgeting for renovations etc. We’ve been in the trade long enough to have picked up a lot of good tips along the way, such as holding back a contingency fund for emergencies. A lower budget isn’t anything to be ashamed of; it keeps us informed of what can and can’t be done.

Make sure your building contractor is reliable and trustworthy. Ask for recommendations and check online reviews. We’re upfront about our costs from the start so no hidden surprises will spring up during works at your Hucknall property. Our reputation is built on character and a high level of service; that’s what you should expect at all times.

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