House Renovations and Garage Conversions in Kirkby-in-Ashfield and the Surrounding Areas | How to Keep the Peace with Your Neighbours During Construction Works

If you’re planning house renovations, have you considered how long the project will last and the impact it will have on your life and that of your neighbours? We’re not only talking about the ones right next door; there may be many others living around you who will be affected by the construction works.

It's important to maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbours in Kirkby-in-Ashfield and the surrounding areas. Our building contractors at EW Construction (Midlands) Ltd have put together some tips which may help to make life easier for everyone involved if you’re planning any form of home improvements, such as house extensions, garage conversions, large steel beam installations etc.

Plenty of Notice

Don’t put off the inevitable until the day before construction begins. It’s only polite to give your neighbours notice just in case they have plans themselves. A summer barbeque won’t be enjoyed by anyone if there’s demolition occurring next door. There are particular construction works that request you alert neighbours in advance anyway; your building contractor will be able to advise you.

Have All the Answers

Informing those who live around you of your plans will open various lines of communication. Some will be concerned, others intrigued. Make sure you have details to hand which will leave them all assured that the construction works won’t have too much of an impact on their daily lives. This is important for a wide range of projects, from house renovations and house extensions and garage conversions. For example:

It would help to have a copy of your plans with you so your neighbours can see exactly what you’re having done. Answer their questions and, if you’re unsure about anything, clarify with your construction team.

Make an Effort

Keep everyone updated and offer to let them see how things are progressing. It may be essential for building contractors to close off an access road if cranes are required. This will definitely happen where large steel beam installations are part of house extensions, house renovations or garage conversions. Give your Kirkby-in-Ashfield neighbours as much notice as you can about this so they can make alternative arrangements re access, parking etc. Be considerate of those who work from home as well; constant noise can be very frustrating.

And finally…

Show your appreciation. Even if you’ve been inconvenienced by living on site during the construction works, you can be assured your neighbours have too.

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